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How Do You Start A Blog And Make Money


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How to start a blog covering medical marijuana and make money? There’s a huge market for medical marijuana. Americans spent over $5.8 billion on cannabis last year — and that number is poised to skyrocket as more states legalize the drug for medicinal and recreational use. If you’re thinking about starting a blog on medical marijuana, you’ll first want to read this article.

how do you start a blog and make money

What’s the Best Way to Start A Blog?

The best way to grow your weed blog is to focus on the user experience. The purpose of your blog is to provide value to your readers. It would be best if you were helpful, entertaining, or informative. If you keep this in mind, then you’ll naturally grow your weed blog.

You can think of your shot at creating a successful medical marijuana blog all about anything. You can write about medical research — studies show that cannabis has medicinal properties. You can mention historical events, statistics, or current trends to Tweed, Frye, or White.

You can share your opinions on current events, even talk about economics! Say you want to discuss how marijuana can affect real estate pricing. All of these topics can be covered on a blog about anything. At first, you may think that you can only blog about medical marijuana in your state.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. Find out if your state allows you to cast aspersions on how doctors are prescribing you medications. Or you can write about medical weed’s effects on your relationship with your parents, siblings, or spouse.

This should all fall under more general categories, like mental health. Other verticals can be successfully written about on a medical marijuana blog, such as genetics and herbs. Even cooking, architecture, and landscaping can be successfully blogged about.

If you are going to dissect something, it’s best to do it brilliantly. Otherwise, you could end up just creating a mess instead of a valuable guide to your readers. Write for education, teach your readers something new, or entertain them.

It’s all about the users. Exceptional results can come from a successful medical marijuana blog. ROI varies from blog to blog, but dozens of people have been able to reap the rewards of blogging about medical marijuana. Drop us a line and let us know what you’ve been doing with your seeds and flames.

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How can You Interest Readers Who are Interested in Medical Marijuana?

In a nutshell, everything will depend on how your business plans to engage the market after marijuana becomes legal in your area.

How Can Medical Marijuana Businesses Boost Online Presence?

Companies that operate purely online will likely see the most significant rewards. Due to the complete lack of state and local regulations, legalization in many states is happening quickly.

Many paid channels are available now, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you’re a company that cultivates, requires pesticide testing, or sells used medical devices, you’re in luck. You may even be eligible to offer hemp products without breaking any rules.

Meanwhile, it’s pretty straightforward for sellers to get their products in front of patients via delivery services and dispensaries. However, there’s a different kind of business that is starting to emerge online.

Like the oil and gas industry before it, this niche is thriving in the legalized cannabis marketplace. It’s worth noting that the oil and gas space is exceptionally seasonal.

Summer is usually a busy time for oil and gas companies. Still, after that, it’s quiet for everyone except for the prospectors who want to go out and find natural gas—completely changing the industry’s dynamics, as people began to turn to oil for heat in place of wood.

Add to this the rise in popularity of outdoor trails, and the whole landscape shifted. Now, we’re into the fall, and there’s a quiet lull before busy times again. Businesses pivoted to keep up with these seasonal trends and found they could get a foot in the door of the legalized cannabis market.

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What Makes an Effective Post for Your Medical Marijuana Post?

There are three ways social media can help you promote your blog:

1) Post on social media to let people know when you publish new blog posts. 

2) Promote your blog posts on social media. 

3) Write social media posts that are related to the content of your blog posts.

4)Post Relevant Social Media News 

Many (if not most) of them start on your website when people begin researching your business. Even if you create a new blog post here, you must continue to blog about your newly published content on your website.

The same happens with your social media exposure. When people begin researching your business on Twitter or Facebook, most of them will often first see it on your website.

Because these social media websites display top-ranked content in descending order, this means that content that has the highest number of followers will appear first on these sites.

It may appear on social media first as a way of humanizing her (or his) business. Nick Beckwith wrote the book “Social Mentions” about this phenomenon, and according to him, you should be posting at least once a day to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

After all, it’s only human to want to interact with other human beings. Moreover, posting once a day may help with spreading your brand message far and wide.

In addition, when businesses post about their upcoming or launched products, they may see a lot of interest and traffic come their way on social media. After all, people don’t want to miss an excellent opportunity to show off their work.

Social media should always be relevant to what you’re publishing — after all, this is your blog. If you publish a post about hitting your sixth anniversary, you don’t want other people to doubt whether or not you’ve figured things out.

How Do You Start A Blog about Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is not yet legal in all states in the US, but it is legal in many States and Canada. It hinders the dedicated group of people who want to learn about marijuana and use it for medical purposes.

Yes, you can be a real estate investor and a medical marijuana patient working the same blog. I am writing this article about the pros and cons of the two professions working together.

You won’t need to engage in cross-promotion, and you won’t have to hide behind the same avatar. The two could very well be legitimate, complementary assets on your blog.

Because medical marijuana is still a Schedule, I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Those working in the industry are subject to strict guidelines and follow strict protocol when treating their patients.

Social Restrictions on Medical Marijuana

It’s important to note that the existence of a company like Careganics applies only to those writing quality content on behalf of patients.

Their company name is a play on “Cannabis” whose primary purpose is to reduce social restrictions on cannabis use, but they won’t allow any advertising on their site.

The exceptions to this policy exist if you write content specifically for your patients’ conditions, such as a blog post for someone with insomnia.

Careganics doesn’t allow advertising the site itself, but it will enable you to add an informational link on your behalf. Meaning they’re pulling the wool over your eyes. While penalizing the site for advertising is unfair, these rules place people in a difficult situation.

Assuming that Careganics is in violation of Google’s terms of service and Google’s ongoing war against dispensaries, there is not a lot you can do about it unless you want to go against the law.

For total transparency, I’ve been a medical marijuana patient for more than two years and write on behalf of patients in my articles wherever possible.




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