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Marijuana Laws Washington State


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A renewed endeavor in Washington State to permit adults to grow cannabis at home had its first hearing in Olympia a week ago. The council for marijuana laws Washington State considered a bill that would allow people to grow up to six cannabis plants for individual use. A panel vote on the proposition could come this Friday.

Even though Washington was among the primary states to sanction business marijuana, growing the plant at home for recreational use remains a crime. Officials have repeatedly dismissed former close-to-home development propositions in the years since electors affirmed a 2012 support activity, referring to obstacles to requirement and a concern that individuals local cannabis would sell on the illegal market.

Marijuana Laws Washington State Consider HB 1019

If last Friday’s hearing is any sign, notwithstanding, this year could be unique. The public declaration on the new home grow charge, HB 1019, was slightly relaxed. Most officials’ inquiries centered around minor distinctions. For example, how a family home grows would conflict with a home larger maturing and whether property managers should regulate plants in rental units.

“I was surprised by its decisiveness,” said John Kingsbury, the prime supporter of promotion group Local Washington, disclosed to Cannabis Second in an email after the meeting. “It isn’t generally like this. Indeed, it has never been this smooth.”

Marijuana Laws Washington State HB1019

HB 1019 Local Proposition

HB 1019 is presently in the House Business and Gaming Board of trustees, led by Rep. Shelley Kloba (D), the local proposition’s leading advocate. During a principal settlement not long from now, legislators could cast a ballot to move the statute.

“This is a bill we’ve seen a couple of times before in this panel,” Kloba said at the new formal review, mentioning that energy for the classification move has just developed as homegrow has become “a genuinely standard part” of marijuana sanctioning in different states. “Rejecting homegrow is a traditional approach, and it is the perfect opportunity for us to develop in this area.”

Homegrow Advocates

That point was echoed by homegrow advocates, who noticed that practically every other U.S. express allowed cannabis for adults permits home grows. Washington, conversely, benefits just got medical marijuana patients to grow their medicinal cannabis.

“This bill is properly following the model from different states, emphasizing that we are not before this case but instead coming into concordance with other legal states,” affirmed Lara Kaminsky, government undertakings contact for The Cannabis Collusion, an industry promotion group.

The other states with lawful cannabis deals ban home development in Illinois. The offense is a common violation instead of a crime; New Jersey, which sanctioned cannabis in November’s political decision, presently can’t dispatch legal sales, will likewise ban homegrow under execution decree Gov. Phil Murphy (D).

Traditional Marijuana Attitudes Changing

At first, Washington activists prohibited homegrow from their 2012 activity over the concern that the strategy probably won’t follow the methodology. Until that point, no other state had at this point allowed cannabis for adult use.

Likewise, policymakers have communicated that allowing individuals to grow their cannabis at home could reduce state management income from business cannabis sales or redirect local items into the criminal market. However, advocates stated that productive homegrow approaches in different states had demonstrated those conclusions to be overstated.

“What’s proposed here would not be a strong new trial, yet rather a very much worn away,” Kingsbury said. “Wrongdoing hasn’t detonated in states that permit home developing, and assessment incomes have not endured.”

Under the new enactment, home producers could be accused of a common infraction if their plants’ odors cause a public aggravation or if plants are visibly exposed from public property. Those arrangements, omitted from past Washington homegrow bills, are intended to respond to neighbors and keep plants from being taken.

Stanley Garnett, a former Colorado district attorney who now works at the cannabis-focused law firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, called HB 1019 a “prudent and thoughtful” bill.

“I think the possibility of a spin-off problem from a law enforcement perspective is very, very limited,” the former prosecutor testified.

Marijuana Laws Washington State police

Law Enforcement Still Has Concerns About Marijuana

But some in Washington law enforcement are still skeptical. James McMahan, policy director for the Washington Association of Police Chiefs and Sheriffs, said the group’s members are concerned that the homegrow law would be difficult to enforce and expose children to marijuana. He said the proposal “is inconsistent and contrary to the reasons why we understand the voters enacted Initiative 502,” the state’s legalization law.

“We want to caution you all on what your expectations are of our ability to do this,” McMahan told lawmakers about enforcement of the proposal. “Many restrictions and limitations in this bill are things that would only be known if our officers were inside the home.”

For example, police wouldn’t know whether residents were growing more than the allowed limit unless they obtained a warrant to enter and search the property, McMahan said, “which we think is going to be fairly rare.”

Advocates pointed out that it’s already standard practice in law enforcement to seek a warrant if police have reasonable suspicion to believe a person is breaking the law. “This is the system we have for other concerns with illegal activity,” Kingsbury said, “and that system appears to be working well.”

Can Everyone Participate

State Rep. Melanie Morgan (D) also pushed back against McMahan’s claim that HB 1019 would expose more children to marijuana. “We allow drinking in the home. We allow smoking in the home. We allow homebrewing in the home, among other things,” she said. “I get it that you have your safety concerns because that’s your job, but I would rather—instead of me saying that it’s no good—that we collaborate.”

Morgan also took issue with a provision in the current bill that would allow landlords to prohibit tenants from growing marijuana in rental properties. “We’re rolling this out,” she said, “but it’s starting to be inequitable in that not everybody will have the ability to participate.”

Meanwhile, drug reformers are watching closely for the expected introduction of a measure that would decriminalize possession of all drugs. It’s anticipated that measure could be unveiled as soon as this week.

Stanley Garnett, a previous Colorado lead prosecutor who presently works at cannabis-centered law office Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, called HB 1019 a “reasonable and insightful” bill.

“I think the chance of side project issues from a law requirement point of view is incredibly restricted,” the previous investigator affirmed.

children playing

Will Children Be Safe

However, some in Washington law implementation are as yet doubtful. James McMahan, strategy chief for the Washington Relationship of Police Bosses and Sheriffs, said the gathering’s individuals are concerned the homegrow law would be hard to implement and could open youngsters to cannabis. He said the proposition “is conflicting and in opposition to the reasons why we comprehend the electors authorized Activity 502,” the state’s sanctioning law.

“We need to alert you all on what your assumptions are of our capacity to do this,” McMahan educated legislators concerning the requirement of the proposition. “A large number of the limitations and constraints in this bill are things that would possibly be known whether our officials were inside the home.”

For instance, police wouldn’t know whether inhabitants were developing more than as far as possible except if they acquired a warrant to enter and look through the property, McMahan stated, “which we believe will be genuinely uncommon.”

Promoters call attention to the standard practice in law implementation to look for a warrant if police have sensible doubt that accepting an individual is violating the law. “This is the framework we have for different worries with criminal behavior,” Kingsbury stated, “and that framework gives off an impression of being functioning admirably.”

Marijuana Laws Washington State 

State Rep. Melanie Morgan (D) additionally stood up against McMahan’s case that HB 1019 would open more kids to cannabis. “We permit enjoying the home. We permit smoking in the home. We permit home preparing in the home, in addition to other things,” she said. “I get it that you have your wellbeing concerns since that is your work; however, I would prefer—rather than me saying that it’s horrible—that we team up.”

hemp seed oil, cbd oil

Morgan likewise disagreed with an arrangement in the current bill that would permit landowners to restrict inhabitants from developing cannabis in investment properties. “We’re turning this out,” she stated, “however it’s beginning to be unjust in that not every person will be able to participate.”

In the interim, drug reformers observe intently for the standard presentation of a measure that would decriminalize ownership, everything being equal. Usually, action could happen sometime this week.

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Washington State is a progressive model to watch in the coming days. What are your thoughts? Do you think that the legalization of the homegrow bill HB 1019 is a good idea or a bad one? Please leave your thoughts and or questions below.




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  1. I am happy that worldwide the attitude towards medical marijuana seems to be changing. It seems, though, that there still is work to be done for the people wanting to grow it at home for their own needs. The ‘problem’ is that then the state misses out on taxes when people grow their own medicine or even just recreational. It’s a shame still that this plant has a bad reputation, in my opinion 😉

    1. Hello, Lizzy Stabel,

      I agree that the states need to look at and study the states that have legalized cannabis. My particular state is trying to realize it using Illinois as a model. I hope they realize the monetary benefits outweigh the problems that can be resolved. 



  2. Thanks for such reviews. Yes. Under current Washington state marijuana laws, weed is both medically and recreationally legal for patients and adults ages 21 and older mentioned in the article, people in their homes drink, smoke, and take drugs. For children, it is an especially harmful and dangerous environment where alcohol and drugs are present. What if we banned the cultivation of vines and hops? Or an even more banal example, what if we restricted the cultivation of the sage herb, which can also be very dangerous in the event of excessive consumption? These are some of my thoughts. I am not a user of marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes, but this topic on the agenda of political power is already far too much.

    1. Hello,


      I agree with you that any item taken or used excessively is harmful to us physically or mentally. Extreme caution and discipline must be exercised at all times.



  3. Haha thanks for the article my guy! To be completely honest, I actually really liked this article. I like the fact that more and more states are starting to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and I certainly hope Washington goes through with making it legal to grow in-home. I think it’d make it a lot easier on everyone to actually obtain it, and the increase in supply would mean a lower price to get it at. I probably won’t grow it myself, but who knows… if the market’s big enough, I might just have to. 

    1. Hello, Jongabriel,

      Thanks for stopping by. There is quite a bit of work to change old attitudes. Much success to you!



  4. It seems sad to me that we are already in 2021, and we are still debating this. Given that we are talking about a plant that has exceptional healing effects, and as a plant is versatile for the manufacture of many products, it should have long been legalized and removed from the agendas of the authorities in many countries around the world.
    As mentioned in the article, people in their homes drink, smoke, and take drugs. For children, it is an especially harmful and dangerous environment where alcohol and drugs are present.
    What if we banned the cultivation of vines and hops? Or an even more banal example, what if we banned the cultivation of the sage herb, which can also be very dangerous in the event of excessive consumption? These are some of my thoughts. I am not a user of marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes, but this topic on the agenda of political power is already far too much.
    Friendly greeting,

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