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On behalf of the entire Hemp Medical Benefits Crew, I want to welcome you! I am thrilled to have you join us here. As a Hemp Medical Benefits visitor, we take pride in supplying the latest information on the benefits of cannabis and giving competent customer responsiveness and service.

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Our patrons are the most significant part of our business. And we will work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction. Now and as long as you are our customer. We are delighted to inform you that you can reach us anytime with questions, comments, and feedback. I am available during 9-5 EST. Our regular business hours at kevin@hempmedicalbenefits.com.Thank you again for entrusting Hemp Medical Benefits and for allowing us to serve you. So please rest, unwind, and enjoy your experience with Hemp Medical Benefits.


My interest in cannabis started in high school when I had the assignment to do about China. From my research books from the library, I learned China is a beautiful country. The geography is gorgeous, and their culture is unparalleled as opposed to the rest of the world. But what grabbed my attention was their knowledge of medicine. And how they were using cannabis for all kinds of treatments for human ailments. China used cannabis for stomach aches, menstruation, nausea, etc.

The list grew as they discovered more medicinal uses for the plant. They believed that cannabis was given to them by their God. And from the information I learned about cannabis, it was no wonder. Cannabis is used for textiles, oil, and medicine. It is an unbelievable multi-purpose plant. I never understood why the cannabis plant was considered illegal, with the plant having so many uses. As a world and now nations, I am happy that we are taking the time to research the benefits of cannabis.

The United Nations
now embraces it as a medicine and believes the benefits outweigh the reasons to keep it illegal. We’re all in agreement that there needs to be more research done on this magnificent plant with so many benefits.


This website is a work in progress. Here at Hemp Medical Benefits, we are determined to get the word out on the latest news about how “You” can use cannabis to eliminate or reduce pain. Moreover, how can we help people looking for information about cannabis, hemp products derived from the plant given to us by the Gods, and chip away at the stigma that cannabis is harmful or false hope? I hope you agree with our mission and take the time to explore and educate yourself here about this plant called “cannabis.”

In closing, I want to welcome and congratulate you for taking the first step to start reducing or eliminating your pain.

Thanks for being part of the community,



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