5 Reasons Why People Are Turning to Cannabis


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The reasons people are turning to cannabis over traditional medication. There are many reasons why people are turning to cannabis over conventional medicines. Some people find that cannabis is more effective for their medical conditions. In contrast, others prefer the natural approach that cannabis offers.

 reasons why people are turning to cannabis


  • Cannabis is much safer because its side effects are very few compared to traditional medication. There are no known incidents of death due to overdose. Cannabis can also treat various ailments, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. In contrast, traditional medication is usually used for a particular medical condition.


  • Beyond the medical benefits of cannabis, there is also a lifestyle component. Individuals who opt to use cannabis as alternative medicine also seek an alternative approach to wellness. The lifestyle component is a big reason people use cannabis and turn to self-care over traditional medication.


  • Cannabis can replace most of your pills. Cannabis is a more compelling replacement for many medications because it is safer. Unlike many drugs, the cannabis plant can provide wellness benefits: pain relief, sleep aid, anti-anxiety, inflammation, appetite, and mood enhancement.


  •  Cannabis is more affordable than traditional medication.


  •  No age restrictions or other regulations around cannabis limit who can access and use cannabis. Doctors’ recommendations for medical cannabis have significantly increased since the end of prohibition in the U.S. 

1.5 Million Medical Cannabis Patients

More than 1.5 million medical cannabis patients received their first medical cannabis recommendation between September 2018 and June 2019. This represents a 459% increase in medical cannabis patients since the end of prohibition.

Cannabis is more effective for some medical conditions. CBD, one of the active ingredients in cannabis, is believed to be one of the most efficacious cannabis compounds in fighting cancer. Research has shown that CBD effectively treats a range of cancers, including breast cancer and leukemia. According to the National Cancer Institute, substantial research supports the use of cannabis in treating certain cancers. Some medical conditions do not respond to conventional medicines.

For example, people with insomnia or PTSD sometimes find that cannabis provides relief when traditional remedies do not. Other people use cannabis with conventional therapies to keep their medication needs low.


The Flexibility of Cannabis

The flexibility of cannabis means that people can use it in combination with other medications to manage a particular medical condition. People can take cannabis with a traditional painkiller to help manage the pain. In contrast, cannabis can help with the other symptoms caused by the situation.

People can reduce symptoms of conditions such as anxiety and PTSD with cannabis. Getting a recommendation for cannabis to treat a medical condition can be difficult in many states. However, once you have doctor-issued advice, it’s pretty easy to buy cannabis since you can use your ID to purchase it. It makes buying cannabis very convenient, especially since you can buy it at local dispensaries and retailers. The legalization of cannabis in many states means more access.

Suppose you give the same doctor-issued recommendation to an online dispensary. In that case, you can order cannabis online, ship it to your home and use it immediately. With cannabis, you don’t need to spend time traveling to a pharmacy to get your medicine.

You can use the time you spend traveling for more enjoyable activities. Cannabis is usually ingested through smoking or vaping. However, there are also other forms of ingestion, such as edibles and tinctures. The great thing about cannabis is that people can take it without any noticeable side effects.

Why You Should Ask Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, there is considerable evidence that cannabis is a safe and effective medicine for many conditions. However, many physicians and patients do not know that cannabis is a treatment option. Yes, cannabis is a drug, and some people do not know how to use it responsibly. In all honesty, cannabis can, and has, been over-prescribed.

But, like traditional medication, it is up to the doctor to confirm that cannabis is a good option for the patient. If you have a doctor who does not know how to incorporate cannabis into your treatment plan, it is time to find a new one.

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