2 Things CBD Has No Effect On According To Research


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Researchers have found that even the highest doses of CBD have “no effect” on a person’s cognitive ability while driving. According to the results, not even a daily dose of 1500mg influences people’s driving or mental capabilities.

 Things CBD Has No Effect On According To Research

“Though CBD is generally considered ‘non-intoxicating.” Its effects on safety-sensitive tasks are still being established,” stated lead author Dr. Danielle McCartney. “Our study is the first to confirm that, when consumed on its own, CBD is driver-safe.”

The participants had to keep a safe space between themselves and a lead car while driving along highways and rural roads during the driving study. The mission was launched twice: 45 to 75 minutes after taking the CBD dose and then again about three and half hours later, to cover the whole range of plasma concentrations at various periods.

The investigators looked for indications of driving impairment by calculating how much the vehicle swerved or floated and testing each driver’s cognitive processes.

Formerly, the same team from the University of Sydney concluded that vaped CBD, a unique manner of taking the drug, was also driving fine.

The outcomes uncovered that none of the dosages tested generated feelings of intoxication among the participants and didn’t impair their driving ability or cognitive execution.

“We do, however, caution that this study looked at CBD in isolation only, and that drivers taking CBD with other medications should do so with care,” Dr. McCartney stated.

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